Acquiring exposure to a variety of health-related clinical setting is a vital part of premedical and medical student preparation. Many students are now taking advantage of opportunities to gain clinical experience abroad, where regulations governing the procedures that students can perfom on patients are often less stringent  than in United States and Canada.( association of American Medical colledges).



Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to come to Kenya?

Kenya is ready for interns and visitor in General all year round. However, it’s good to note that tourism peak is from the month of July all through to October due to the wildebeest migration which is a world’s wonder phenomena.
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How is the weather in Kenya?

Unlike the weather pattern in western countries, Kenya experiences 2 main weather seasons throughout the year. A) Sunny weather, warm but not so hot (average of 25 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius).
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What clothing’s to bring when visiting Kenya?

During rainy season as explained on bullet 2), one is advised to bring water proof jackets and likewise warm clothes during the cold season. However there are no episodes of snow in Kenya.
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Global Exposure to Kenyan Healthcare System

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Spring Break Kenya Trip Offer

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