Month: November 2015

Outstanding Internships in Kenya

Alisa and Andrea Internships in Kenya

The internships were supervised on-site by professional personnel in their relevant fields, and this experience ranged from Health center set ups to community activities. They were life changing experiences.

KNH Internships

Alisa Small

Alisa Small was in Kenya the month of August, 2013. She stayed for one month. During her stay she was hosted by a family in Kangemi, and was pretty near her internship program. She went for her internship in Amurt Health Center,which gives outpatient services, Lab services, radiography services and pharmacy services but has no inpatients. During her internship period she shadowed personnel in all the departments of the health center, and the key supervisor was Dr Kinyanjui. In this facility they offer comprehensive care clinic for the HIV positive patients and they also give anti retrovirus.

Alisa interacted well with the staff of this facility. She visited the Nairobi National park and Maasai Mara game park. Up to date she has very strong network with Kenyan people.

When she came for the internship she was a student in university of Wisconsin, and since then she has progressed with her education. Definitely the experience she acquired in Kenya has constituted a great deal into what she aspires to be

Alisa Small

Andrea Jordan

Andrea Jordan is a nurse in Colorado, she came in Kenya for two months from October 27th 2014 to Jan 4th 2015. Her main goal was to experience the Kenyan Health system.
She stayed at the YMCA Central hostel, Nairobi and shadowed staff of Nairobi City Council Health Center - Casino, in the CBD. The Health facility has majored in STD treatment and research in Kenya. They have HIV Comprehensive Care Clinic, and offer lab services, outpatient services, counseling services and pharmacy services. Out of her good relations with the entire staff, she participated in Kick Polio Out of Africa campaign. Over the Christmas period she participated in Benfra's community project in Laikipia county, and taught young girls on matters of hygiene and distributed sanitary towels to over sixty young girls in the rural set-up. She hiked Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and also visited lake Nakuru National park

Andrea Jordan

Visit to Lake Nakuru National Park

Andrea and Alec had the opportunity to visit Lake Nakuru National park and witness the effects of global warming with the Lake breaking its banks and displacing most of the flamingos. The Lake is known for the many flamingos there. With Flamingos, they also saw many of other wild life like the buffaloes, rhinos, chimpanzees gazelles just to mention but a few. This was a one day event, and they went back to their residence ready to go Hiking Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
Visit to Lake Nakuru National Park

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