Budgetary Plan

Internship Fees

Internship fees can vary depending upon the facility chosen by the student. These fees, which are for one month can range from $1200 for a community based clinic and upwards from the county’s Government run institutions, to the privately held hospitals and clinics. Your fees include all administrative and Government charges including those required by the health care facility of your choice and their affiliated physicians who will oversee your internship. We provide ourselves in offering all our students excellent value for their money and upon arrival you will be personaly orientated.

When your application has been approved, we will advice as to the most practical way in which to submit your fees. Most students prefer to use Western Union or by Bank transfer payable to “Benfra clinical internship services”. It is not advisable to use the postal system.

Below is an overview of the general cost for the visit:-


Item Particulars Cost
Coordination Fee This includes pick up and drop off at airport, fees for the internship, coordination and development of the internship, Government fees, logistical fees i.e. arrangement of housing and transportation etc and any other additional logistic fees $1200.00
  • Option 1
    Living in the Nairobi central Hostels; This includes breakfast, dinner, private room with private en suite bathroom, fee for internet café on site
  • Option 2
    Host family; This includes all meals, shared bathroom and possibly shared bedroom. *Due to security reasons Benfra Clinical Internships wouldn’t recommend this option.
$38.00 per day


$25.00 per day

Transportation to and from internship site
  • Option 1
    Driver pick up from home, deliver to site, pick up at site and deliver at home in a private car
  • Option 2
    Public transport;If this option is chosen, intern will be accompanied by Benfra staff member for one week until feels comfortable with the mode of transportation and route
$7.00 per day


$1.50 per day

Bank charge Bank wire fee for the transactions 5% of total fee

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