We are glad to share on our expertise: What we do best


At Benfra we offer internships and volunteer positions for the following:

  1. Medical students including those who want to specialize in various fields such as surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics and internal medicine.
  2. Nurses
  3. Pharmacists
  4. Lab technicians and technologists
  5. Nutritionists and dieticians
  6. Social workers

While many students have had beneficial experiences through involvement in patient care activities abroad, and services have been provided to people in need, the potential for harm and abuse in these situations cannot be ignored.

Harm done to patient: Everyone's goal is to help those in need. Avoid doing any harm. Always avoid situations where there is any possibilty to injure or cause harm to someone.

Physical harm to yourself: Enganging to clinical practise without sufficient training and protection can result to direct harm to you as well.

Legal issues with local Authorities: Violation of local laws may still be punishable offense.

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